Whether your event is large or small, it would be our pleasure to demonstrate our capabilities and show you just how we stand above our competition in delivering exceptional food quality and service as we proudly stand behind our commitment to nothing short of excellence! Over the years The Country Kitchen has undergone many dramatic and exciting changes which have allowed us to better serve our valued clients more quickly and efficiently.

At The Country Kitchen we believe that there are no limitations to creating the perfect menu for your special event, formal dinner, executive luncheon or just a simple soiree. Knowing the market we understand the need to customize each event and menu to our client’s and their guests preferences. Should you wish to include a specialty family food or customize certain items we offer let us know and we are pleased to accommodate.

At The Country Kitchen we always put food quality first; Our menus are updated quarterly along with each season by our Executive Chef and team in order to best suit our clients’ needs and the current availability while combing to find the freshest and most quality products and ingredients both locally and internationally. Each service and function that we cater to is individually procured to your specific and service needs.

Our menus:

Christmas Menu 2019

Fall Menu 2019

Breakfast Menu

Entertaining Menu

Dessert Menu

Gourmet Food Basket Menu

Corporate Package

Wedding Day Package